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About Us

Committed to Jewish Righteousness

Vision Statement: Maintaining Conservative Jewish traditions through the feeling of Community

“Havurah (group) of like-minded Jews who assemble for the purpose of facilitating Shabbat and holiday prayer services, and sharing communal experiences such as life-cycle events or Jewish learning.” 


The members of this Havurah believe in the rites of traditional Conservative Judaism, serving Montgomery County, in Texas.


The members of this Havurah recognize Jews who were born into Judaism as well as those who converted to Judaism.


The members of this Havurah believe politics or the voicing of political opinions have no place in a house of prayer or any Havurah sponsored event.


The members of this Havurah are Pro Israel.


Our group welcomes like-minded Jews and their significant others. If one is not Jewish, then they are welcome to celebrate religious services with us; activities such as holding the Torah or receiving an Aliyah are granted to Jews by birth or by conversion. 


This Havurah exists to offer a traditional Conservative service.

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